Pattaya: Drunken Scotsman hit by car after bar brawl gone wrong

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A chaotic scene unfolded in Soi Buakhao, Central Pattaya on Tuesday, as an unidentified Scotsman became the unfortunate victim of a bizarre accident.

Leaving a bar in a heavily intoxicated state, the 60 year old found himself struck by a car and suffering a serious head injury.

The night took a dramatic turn when police officers discovered the man sprawled on the ground, his condition exacerbated by his inebriation. Despite the best efforts of rescue workers and police to assist, the injured Scotsman grew increasingly belligerent. He resisted help, hurled abuse at his would-be rescuers, and even lashed out physically at the rescue team.

Matcha Sirirom witnessed the harrowing event and shared her account with authorities. According to Matcha, the trouble began when the foreign man exited a beer bar with a friend. In an astonishing twist, it was the friend’s push that sent the Scotsman stumbling directly into the path of an oncoming car, leading to his injuries. As the car struck him, the friend quickly fled the scene, leaving the victim to fend for himself.

Matcha promptly alerted emergency services, who arrived swiftly but faced significant challenges in managing the agitated victim.

Local authorities are now thoroughly investigating the incident. Their primary focus is to identify the friend responsible for the push and to uncover the full details of the events that led to the man’s injury, reported Pattaya Mail.

As the investigation unfolds, questions remain about the motives behind the friend’s sudden departure and the exact circumstances that culminated in this alarming accident.

In related news, a reckless coach bus driver fled the scene after hitting a foreign cyclist riding along Pattaya Sai 2 Road on May 8. The foreign man was left prostrate on the road with a severe wound to his right arm.

In other news, an unfortunate accident in Pattaya left a Swiss expat critically injured after a car collided with his three-wheeled electric scooter.

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