Pathum Thani police close in on teen gang after knife attack

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In a swift response to a brutal attack by a gang of youths in Pathum Thani, local police are intensifying their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects. The incident involved a group of eight to nine teenagers forcing a young man to stop his motorcycle and subsequently attacking him with a knife, causing severe injuries.

The police have reassured the public that they are not taking the case lightly and are committed to capturing all those involved. The attack, which occurred without any apparent reason, took place in front of a village in the Klong 7 area of Thanyaburi district, Pathum Thani.

The parents of the victims, aged 18 and 17, whose names have been withheld for their protection, reported the incident at Thanyaburi Police Station. However, more than two months had passed with only one arrest made.

Thanyaburi Police Station today, January 25, held a briefing where the chief police officer stated that immediate action was taken upon receiving the report of the crime. Initially, only one out of the six perpetrators had been detained.

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Since then, police have identified three more suspects, all believed to be minors, and are in the process of collecting evidence to proceed with arrests. The main charge against the individuals is attempted murder, with additional charges relating to the use of a knife during the assault, reported KhaoSod.

The incident was triggered by a verbal altercation between two rival groups of teenagers that escalated into violence. The police are confident that it won’t be long before the remaining members of the gang are apprehended, having already identified all of the suspects. In a move to expedite the investigation, law enforcement officials have summoned the two juvenile victims and their guardians for further questioning.

In related news, a violent encounter left two teenagers severely injured after being attacked by a motorcycle gang known as Klong 10 in Pathum Thani Province, Thailand. The incident, which took place two months ago, has seen little progress in the investigation, prompting the victims to seek assistance from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB).

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