Rain reigns: Homes flooded in surprise deluge in Phayao, northeast Thailand

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A torrential rain shower caused mayhem as it dampened the spirits of over 100 households in Phayao province in northeast Thailand. Locals hastily scurried to relocate their possessions to more sheltered spots.

The relentless rain, which persisted both day and night, resulted in a cascade of water from the woods, spilling into the Mae Tam River. The resulting flood inundated residences, roads, and farmlands in Mae Tam Subdistrict, Mueang District, creating quite the aquatic spectacle.

The worst-hit areas included Mae Tam, Pa Lan, Inthanon, Phu Min, and Mueang Chum communities. Despite their best attempts to barricade their homes with sandbags, the water still managed to infiltrate many residences.

Areas like Ban Pa Lan and Ban Phu Min, which are prone to such flooding every year, were also inundated despite the existing protective walls. The water from the Mae Tam River keeps entering and flooding the houses, reported KhaoSod.

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In the face of this disaster, many community members moved their possessions to higher grounds. Some were not as fortunate, with their belongings swept away by the floodwaters. Those whose houses were filled with water used water pumps to drain out the water through their fences. Houses that were not yet affected took precautions by barricading their entrance and fences with sandbags to prevent water from entering.

The situation was expected to improve once the rain ceased. At the time of reporting, the skies were still overcast with rain clouds, and scattered showers were seen across the region.

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