Motorcyclist severely injured in Maha Sawat tunnel crash

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A motorcycle accident in the Mahai Sawan tunnel en route to Dao Khanong left a man with severe injuries. The incident occurred early this morning, and emergency personnel were quickly dispatched to the scene to assist.

Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate but common occurrence on the roads, and the Mahai Sawan tunnel has been the site of another serious mishap. A motorcycle rider lost control and overturned, plunging into a roadside drainage pipe with a depth of approximately 50 centimetres.

The accident, which took place today at 5.50am, has resulted in grievous injuries to the rider. The man suffered severe lacerations to his left arm and leg, and his left arm was severely deformed by the impact. An advance rescue vehicle from Thung Khru promptly transported the injured man to Taksin Hospital for urgent medical care.

The contributions of volunteers at the scene were significant in managing the incident. Teams from Burana 294, Chen Long 50, Move Fast Zone 3 with vehicles 7 and 24, D Ward 37, and volunteers from Po Tek Tung stations at Tha Kham, Bukkhalo, and Buppha Ram deserve acknowledgement for their support and prompt response, reported KhaoSod.

The efforts of these teams, coordinated and communicated through Buppha015 zone 3 No.7 and Rescue V.2 notifications, were instrumental in providing the necessary emergency services and ensuring the victim received the medical attention required.

In related news, a gas truck overturned on the Kanchanaphisek Expressway, scattering cylinders across the road and causing significant traffic disruption. The incident, which occurred at approximately 8.30am on April 10, resulted in one injury and a traffic standstill that lasted nearly two hours.

Chaos ensued early this morning on the Kanchanaphisek Expressway when a truck carrying a multitude of gas cylinders lost control and flipped, resulting in a hazardous scatter of its load across the roadway. The accident, reported by JS100, took place just before the Thepharak exit ramp from the Bang Mueang toll plaza, obstructing the right lanes and leaving one individual injured.

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