Noodle shop owner’s touching tale of caring for ailing old man goes viral (video)

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A TikTok user named @doodee_jau, posted a video clip while watching a sick old man that she cared for lying in bed. The accompanying message read:

“Grandpa, you are at peace now. I don’t think it will be the last time. I will love and miss you always. This life is nothing like this. But merit brought us together.”

At 1.30pm today, Siri Arinthon Phongthanasindechot, the owner of Doo Dee Je U Bangsaen noodle shop revealed to KhaoSod Online that she saw the old man in front of the shop because he would collect trash and pass by in front of the store. He dressed shabbily and was very thin.

Siri saw that and felt sorry for him so she called out to him to come have noodles at the restaurant. She also told the old man that he could have his meal for free.

Siri added that after that she helped to get a change of clothes and shoes, as well as offer him money and help him take a bath. She also helped cut the old man’s hair. The old man was 4 to 5 kilometres away from her shop. Later, at one point, Siri noticed something unusual because the old man had disappeared.

The young woman went out to look for him and found out that he had been sick at home. When she saw the scene before her, Siri burst into tears. The old man was frail and had collapsed many times. She felt that she must stay by his side to look after him, reported KhaoSod.

Siri also said that she had told the old man that she would take care of him until his last breath. She would not abandon him as the old man had nobody else, no relatives.

Siri also said that when she found the old man at his home, he was covered in ants.

That day, the old man seemed to be asleep the whole time. It seemed that he knew that his body couldn’t take it anymore. So the old man invited a monk to come make merit and give alms to monks.


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