Nonthaburi woman saved from abuse after son’s accidental call to police

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A two-day ordeal of domestic abuse in Nonthaburi ended with police intervention after a 13 year old boy mistakenly dialled the emergency number while seeking medical help for his mother. The woman, a landlady, was found locked in a room and severely beaten by her younger, drug-addicted partner who was suspected of infidelity.

In the quiet soi of Samakkhi 49, Nonthaburi province, a harrowing incident of domestic violence unfolded, leading to a much-needed police rescue.

Yesterday at 7.30pm, officers from Rattanathibet Police Station were alerted to a case of a woman being physically assaulted and confined for two days. Rushing to the scene, they discovered the 49 year old landlady in a physically battered state, her face swollen from the violent attack.

The woman, whose full name is withheld for privacy, revealed that her boyfriend, identified only as A, was the perpetrator. He had become increasingly paranoid while under the influence of drugs, convinced that she was secretly communicating with another man. This led to violent confinement in her rental room over two days.

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Neighbours, including a 67 year old resident, testified to A’s habitual drug-induced abuse. The situation escalated to the point where the landlady was prevented from leaving to run her grilled meatball business, as A’s delusions made him excessively jealous and violent, to the extent of attacking her even in public, reported KhaoSod.

The couple’s relationship, marred by addiction and abuse, persisted despite the landlady’s efforts to end it. A’s drug habit drove him to regularly demand money, which he spent on narcotics, leading to repeated assaults. Even a previous arrest for drug use, resulting in a brief incarceration, did not deter his behaviour.

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

The turning point came when the landlady’s son, attempting to call for medical assistance, accidentally contacted the police. This fortunate error led to her rescue and A’s apprehension. The police detained A for drug testing and legal proceedings.

The victim, now safe from immediate harm, still faces the long-term repercussions of the abuse, including concerns about her head injuries. She hopes for a decisive legal response to prevent further violence, emphasising the need for intervention beyond mere drug charges.

A similar hallucination accident was reported in Chon Buri a month ago. A 31 year old fruit vendor tragically ended his life after hallucinating and firing shots in Chon Buri province. Authorities responded to the incident, stressing the importance of mental health awareness.

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