Illicit soda syndicate: Kratom-infused beverages seized in Thai factory raid

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

Thai officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), orchestrated a search operation yesterday, honing in on a factory in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, amidst suspicions of illicit soda production laced with kratom.

Reports from the police unveiled the factory’s alleged involvement in the clandestine distribution of kratom-infused soda under a covert brand across Bangkok. Acting swiftly, the police launched a meticulous investigation, securing a search warrant from the Nonthaburi Provincial Court.

As the enforcement team descended upon the factory, they confronted two prime suspects, identified as Suthichai, the 39 year old company manager, and Komen, the 46 year old production supervisor, both believed to be pivotal figures in the illegal soda operation.

Within the factory’s labyrinthine corridors, authorities unearthed a network of rooms dedicated to every facet of the illicit soda trade, from production and storage to administrative offices. Seized amidst the raid were a plethora of materials integral to soda manufacturing, alongside specialised equipment tailored for the covert infusion of kratom, reported Pattaya News.

The initial charges levelled against the duo included conspiracy to produce counterfeit beverages, peddling soda concoctions featuring kratom, and a slew of associated offences.

Following their apprehension, the suspects were promptly escorted to the Pak Kret police station for intensive interrogation.

In related news, the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) hosted a dialogue dubbed Perspectives and Feedbacks After Cannabis and Kratom Left the Narcotics Act. The main aim of the discourse was to amass opinions from various stakeholders, focusing on methods to protect the youth and children from potential abuse of these two medicinal plants.

In other news, Pattaya police apprehended a vendor peddling illicit Kratom concoctions to unsuspecting foreign tourists and youngsters on Pattaya Beach on the night of January 2.

Responding to the outcry of concerned locals, Pattaya’s finest executed a well-coordinated sting operation to collar a Thai vendor suspected of flouting the law by selling Kratom-laden drinks under the moonlight along Pattaya Beach.

The undercover police team procured two contraband 1-litre bottles for a mere 100 baht each before swooping in for the arrest.

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