Newborn baby found in bag in Chon Buri prompts investigation

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A newborn baby boy, still with his umbilical cord attached, was discovered abandoned in a bag by the roadside in Chon Buri Province. Local police and rescue teams are now working to identify the mother.

Romran Srikraiphak, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) at Koh Chan Police Station in Chon Buri, received a report from villagers at 7am today about a suspicious bag emitting noises resembling a baby’s cries. The bag was found in Moo 2, Thaboonmi Subdistrict, Koh Chan District, Chon Buri.

The police coordinated with the rescue team from Koh Chan Hospital and the Sawang Ban Tung Hiang Phanat Nikhom Rescue Unit for immediate assistance.

Upon arrival at the scene, the team discovered a newborn baby boy, weighing approximately 3.4 kilogrammes, wrapped in a white blanket. The baby’s umbilical cord was still intact, and he had bloodstains on his body.

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The medical team quickly cleaned the baby and transported him to the hospital for further care. The Chon Buri Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office has been notified to ensure the baby receives proper care and support.

A villager named Wichian, who found the baby, recounted his experience. While riding his motorcycle to run errands, he heard what he initially thought was a cat’s meowing coming from near a trash bin. On closer inspection, he noticed a bag that was moving and wrapped in a bloodstained blanket.

Wichian quickly alerted Yai Sim, a local health volunteer, who also couldn’t determine the contents of the bag. They then called the village headman, who confirmed that it was a newborn baby inside. Police were called immediately.

Police suspect the baby might have been abandoned by a student or factory worker who was not ready to raise a child. They are currently reviewing nearby CCTV footage to identify and apprehend the mother for legal action, reported KhaoSod.

“It is a serious offence to abandon a child in such a manner. We are committed to finding the person responsible and ensuring the baby receives the necessary care and protection.”

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