Farmer saves massive cow trapped in well in East Pattaya

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

A farmer’s 300-kilogramme brown cow went missing during a routine grazing check at the weekend in East Pattaya.

The 59 year old Thai farmer Kanya discovered her beloved cow wedged inside a well with a narrow 1.5-metre opening and a daunting 2-metre depth on Sunday, June 23. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t free the trapped bovine alone.

“I heard distressed mooing and knew something was terribly wrong.”

Swift action was essential, prompting Kanya to summon professional help. A dedicated rescue team swiftly arrived on site, assessing the precarious situation. With meticulous coordination, they skillfully secured the cow’s body with a sturdy rope and employed a tractor to carefully extract the animal from its perilous predicament.

The entire operation unfolded under the watchful eyes of concerned villagers, who gathered to lend their support. Miraculously, within just 30 minutes, the team successfully hoisted the cow to safety, eliciting cheers of joy and relief from Kanya and the local community, reported Pattaya Mail.

Grateful for the prompt response and expertise of the rescue team, Kanya breathed a sigh of relief.

“I couldn’t have saved her without them.”

In related news, a frenzied cow in Sattahip, Chon Buri province, injured its caretaker by ramming him against a wall, causing severe injuries and triggering a chaotic rescue attempt. Locals and rescue workers struggled to retrieve the injured man as the agitated cow continued to charge at them, forcing them to flee.

In other news, a rare albino buffalo from Phetchaburi has charged into the record books, fetching a staggering 18 million baht, marking it the most expensive buffalo deal in Thai history, proving that this buffalo truly stands out from the herd when it comes to valuable livestock.

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and colossal stature, Ko Muang Phet isn’t just another farm animal, it’s a genetic marvel. With a staggering 90% chance of passing on its albino traits, this buffalo is a game-changer in the breeding industry, promising a lineage of rare offspring.

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