Awesome Bangkok events this week near you

Leaf, Laugh, Love in partnership with Sroast Productions will be hosting the Time to Shine comedy night at Golden Hour BKK in Asoke. I’ll be your host brining you some of the best local comedic talent Bangkok has to offer. Follow Leaf, Laugh, Love comedy on Instagram to stay up to date on all of the Comedy shows happening around the city and don’t miss out on tickets!

Disco Diaries anniversary

Disco Diaries is holding their 6 year anniversary this Saturday June 29th at Beam Club from 3pm until late. This year the Soi Dogs will be supported by Kirollus of Groove Anthology all the way from the UK. If you want to dress to the nines and dance the night away, get tickets fast because this is the Bangkok event for you.

Disco Diaries BEAm Club Party
BEAM Club is hosting Disco Diaries with special guest Kirollus from Groove Anthology.

Hellhound film premiere

The new feature Thai movie Hellhound has just hit cinemas in Bangkok. The film stars two of my good friends Jennie Pines and Ron Smoorenberg, alongside a talented crew of Thai actors. Here’s the premise: Tired and ready for retirement, an assassin agrees to help an old acquaintance with one last job.

Movie premiere Thailand.
Hellhound premieres in Thai cinemas (Image Courtesy of Amazon Prime).

He reluctantly travels to Bangkok, where a decision to delay the hit nearly costs him the entire job and sends him on a violent downward spiral. This is one you’re not going to want to miss on the big screen!

Full Metal Dojo + Comedy Joint

For the biggest Bangkok event this week, on Sunday June 30th head to the Circus Studio in Bangkok for the Full Metal Dojo 10 year anniversary event. If you know anything about these guys, you know you’re in for a wild show. Highlights include MMA fights, a 4-man lightweight Grand Prix, a three-way professional wrestling match, and what’s sure to be the most viral event of the day, the legend himself Blobtang donning a Peter Griffin wardrobe taking on a giant chicken.

Full Metal Dojo anniversary party. Fights Bangkok Thailand.
The Full Metal Dojo ten year anniversary will feature fights, comedy and parties to celebrate.

I myself along with the full force of comedians from the Comedy Joint will be there to support the event with the most scathing comedy sets you’ve ever seen. Get your tickets now to Full Metal Dojo to see the event live, or tune into Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or X to catch all the action live from wherever you are in the world.

Bangkok community Help Kids day

Finally, if you feel like giving back, Bangkok Community Help holds their monthly Kids Day on the final Sunday of every month. Sign up to volunteer and help distribute donations of clothes, school supplies, and toys to underprivileged student communities.

Bangkok Community Help Thailand Charity.
Bangkok Community Help Foundation (Image: BCH Facebook Page).

That’s what Bangkok events are on this week. Tune into The Thaiger weekly for fresh slates of events to keep you busy, and if you have an event you would like us to know about, get in touch and we’ll see about shouting you out. Catch you this week for all of the action!

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