New poll shows many have unfavourable feelings toward government’s handling of plastics factory fire

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A new poll shows that most respondents have unfavourable feelings over the government’s handling of the fire at the plastics factory in Samut Prakan.

The Suan Dusit poll conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University queried 1,266 people in Thailand from July 6 to July 9. Respondents had the option to pick multiple answers.

The poll shows:

  • 66.51% – of the respondents were unsatisfied with the government’s handling of the incident.

When asked to comment on the disaster, the respondents provided these thoughts:

  • 88.54% of the respondents say it was violent and destructive
  • 83.87% say there wasn’t enough firefighting equipment
  • 82.13% say the response to the fire was sluggish
  • 76.68% say the death of a firefighter and people who sustained injuries caused by the fire made them sad
  • 41.58% say the cause of the fire should be quickly determined

When asked what should happen now, the respondents said this:

  • 92.00% say all factories should be checked regularly
  • 89.78% say the people affected should be compensated and all should undergo health examinations
  • 78.45% say there should be a quick warning system and evacuation plans in an emergency
  • 70.60% say local administrations should be put on high alert for disasters
  • 59.11% say people should be educated on hazardous chemical substances

On what else should be done differently now, respondents had this to say:

  • 69.99% say the government should attach greater importance to disaster prevention and mitigation
  • 68.96% say there should be plans to cope with emergency situations
  • 62.23% say chemical residues left by the fire must be systematically eradicated
  • 60.57% say central and local governments should be better coordinated
  • 59.94% say the master city planning needs amendments.

In the Ming Dih Chemical Factory fire, 1 rescue worker died, 39 people were injured, and 80,000 people were affected. The Council of Engineers of Thailand believes the fire was caused by a chemical leak.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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