Nationwide cyber police crackdown disrupts major China-backed cryptocurrency fraud operation

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A nationwide operation led by the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) successfully raided 29 key locations, effectively dismantling a large-scale China-backed cryptocurrency fraud call centre network. The CCIB seized considerable cash assets and a Rolls-Royce car. High-profile raids were orchestrated yesterday in three cities, Bangkok, Pathum Thani, and Chon Buri.

Although endorsed by the infamous Tak City director, the CCIB’s strategic action managed to seize cash of 4.4 million baht, 17 bank books, and 16 ATM and credit cards at a luxury condominium located right in the heart of Asoke-Rama 9 city district.

A young woman, 24 year old Mome Aye, a Burmese national, was arrested at the site. She was restrained under Khon Kaen Provincial Court warrant number 505/2023, dated yesterday, on charges of cryptocurrency fraud, collaborating to manipulate computer data possibly causing harm to others or the public, and agreeing to commit money laundering.

Nevertheless, at 6am, nothing illegal was found at two of the targeted locations linked to the call centre or any related evidence. This leads directly to the operation of the cryptocurrency king’s network, where the police have managed to apprehend one suspect along with some significant evidence. The cryptocurrency fraud operation extended to Chon Buri Province, wherein the police effectively confiscated a Rolls-Royce car.

However, today, Commanding Officer Worravut, along with arresting officers, will hold a briefing to provide further information on the investigation’s progress. It is worth noting that the unfolding of events and undisclosed details will have massive implications for numerous ongoing cybercrime investigations. The intercepted call centre operation presents another significant move in combating complex and multifaceted online deceptions. As the fallout unfolds, analysts will monitor these high-stake cyber crimes and how national authorities respond.

Worravut pointed out the it is a whole new game.

“These operations expose the underbelly of a sophisticated cyber scam world that has been beyond the reach of law enforcement agencies. Given the high-profile nature of the raid, it is too early to predict how things might turn out. But we can certainly count this as a significant win against the menace of online fraud.”

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