Lottery loser: Drug addict squanders fortune, resorts to knife-point negotiations in Chiang Rai

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Chiang Rai Police have arrested 41 year old drug addict in relation to an incident where the man reportedly threatened his parents with a knife to extract money for funding his drug habit. The incident occurred after his share of a 12-million baht lottery windfall had been exhausted by his substance abuse.

Local police yesterday were informed of Sutthiphong’s act of aggression and intimidation towards his parents, attempting to coerce them for more money intended for drug purchases.

Sutthiphong managed to evade police scrutiny initially, however, an arrest warrant was soon issued by the local court. Subsequently, the drug addict’s 43 year old wife, Penjamas, took him to Vieng Pao Pao Police Station. During the confession, he admitted to consuming one and a half tablets of an unidentified drug, resulting in a positive drug test at the Vieng Pao Pao Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

An investigation into the case revealed that approximately two years ago, Sutthiphong’s parents won a first-prize lottery of 12 million baht (US$338,123). They distributed the winnings amongst their children, including Sutthiphong. However, Sutthiphong’s substance abuse consumed his share until it was exhausted.

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The drug addict then demanded 150,000 baht (US$4,227) from his parents, who had already spent the remaining lottery money on land acquisitions and other expenses. Dissatisfied with their refusal, Sutthiphong resorted to threats against his parents.

It wasn’t the first time Sutthiphong had come into contact with the police. He had previously been arrested for possession of a firearm in July and his mother had to bail him out. This led the police to revoke his bail in the previous case and proceed with two separate court cases. An officer confirmed the suspect’s confession.

“Before this incident, Sutthiphong consumed one and a half tablets of an unidentified drug.”

The ongoing investigation aims to tackle this family matter turned potential criminal case according to the law.

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