Nakhon Ratchasima farmer wins 12 million baht lottery

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A timely stroke of luck has befallen a widowed farmer in Nakhon Ratchasima as he won a staggering 12 million baht in the lottery, with plans to generously donate a boat to a local rowing club because of his grandchild’s national team success.

Manat Samleeklang, a 58 year old widowed farmer, yesterday, April 16, experienced a life-changing moment when he learned he had won the first prize in the Thai National Lottery, securing a prize of 12 million baht (US$330,000) with two tickets bearing the number 943598. The fortunate event occurred in Ban Don Nam Sub, a rural community where Manat resides. His winning streak has attracted considerable attention from relatives and neighbours, who have flocked to his home to celebrate the win.

Manat has led a modest life as a farmer and cattle herder since his wife passed away six years ago. He lives with his middle daughter, 36 year old Narirat Samleeklang. He has a routine of purchasing lottery tickets for each draw, selecting numbers that match the license plate of his beloved motorcycle, which this time proved to be his lucky charm.

Initially seeking a ticket ending in 198, he settled for 598 when the exact number was unavailable, a decision that would later prove to be serendipitous. Upon discovering his win, Manat’s joy was immense, prompting him to record the event at the local police station for verification.

Manat’s newfound wealth has outlined his intentions to settle debts, support his children’s futures, and contribute to his grandchildren’s educational needs. Additionally, he plans to make merit in memory of his late wife, reported KhaoSod.

A significant portion of the windfall will go towards purchasing a boat for the rowing club of Ban Don Kheaw School in Amphoe Phimai. This gesture is close to his heart, as his grandchild is a member of the Thai national rowing team that won the Dragon Boat World Championship in its 16th edition, held from August 7 to August 13 last year.

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