Mysterious death in Udon Thani: Woman found in park pond

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A woman’s body was discovered floating in a pond in Udon Thani, sparking a police investigation into the mysterious death. Around 11.50am today, January 26, a student stumbled upon the grim find in Nong Prachak Park, not far from the city centre.

The body, presumed to be of a woman aged between 40-45 years old, showed no signs of physical assault, and the cause of death is being investigated.

The unsettling discovery occurred when a college student from a local institution in Udon Thani was enjoying a stroll in the park with a friend. As they approached the suspension bridge over Nong Prachak Pond, what initially appeared to be debris in the water turned out to be a floating corpse. The shock of the discovery prompted them to seek help from nearby vendors and to alert the authorities.

Upon arrival at the scene, emergency services, including the local disaster prevention and mitigation office and volunteer rescuers, retrieved the body from the water. The woman was found dressed in a black long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and white flip-flops, and was carrying a small purse containing 661 baht (US$18). A gold necklace with a heart pendant hung around her neck but no identification documents were found with the body, reported KhaoSod.

A preliminary examination revealed that the woman had been dead for approximately three to four hours before her body was found. Medical examiners from Udon Thani Center Hospital were called to the scene to conduct a post-mortem examination to ascertain the exact cause of death. The absence of visible injuries led authorities to consider various possibilities, including accidental drowning.

The police, under the leadership of Deputy Investigator Niwat Jaengkratoke, are actively investigating the case. They are working to identify the woman and understand the circumstances leading up to her death. The presence of valuables on the body has raised questions about the likelihood of foul play, as robbery does not appear to be a motive.

Unexpected tragedy

This case has left the local community and authorities puzzled, prompting a thorough investigation to bring closure to the incident. As the investigation unfolds, the police are urging anyone with information that could lead to the identification of the woman or details about her death to come forward. The unexpected tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of community vigilance.

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