Phuket’s fertile future: Urban agriculture sprouts to secure sustenance and resilience

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The bustling tourist hub of Phuket in Thailand is witnessing a significant shift towards urban agriculture. The Phuket Provincial Agriculture Office embarked on a mission to reinforce food security and boost community resilience amid times of crisis.

The call to action was delivered at a gathering graced by Phuket Governor, Sophon Suwannarat. Phuket Agriculture Chief Charatsri Khamphirasingh underscored the urgent need to cultivate local food sources to mitigate the impact of crises, such as the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.

The visionary initiative, led by the Phuket Provincial Agriculture Office, seeks to empower the local community by promoting a culture of urban agriculture. This approach aims at generating sustainable solutions that not only guarantee food security at the household level but also contribute to income generation, thereby reducing overall expenses.

Urban agriculture, as reported by Charatsri, encapsulates a spectrum of farming practices within urban settings, including crop cultivation, livestock rearing, and aquaculture. The prime objective is not just to secure a local food source but also to enhance green spaces in urban landscapes. The community is urged to adopt techniques like vertical planting and roadside cultivation, along with creating vegetable gardens on walls within communities, reported Phuket News.

The benefits of urban agriculture transcend mere sustenance. It offers a holistic solution, delivering complete nutrition, income opportunities, and even recreational spaces for the community. It encourages residents to adopt these practices, generating a positive ripple effect on individual households and the broader community.

According to Charatsri, the Phuket Agriculture Office views urban agriculture as not just a means to ensure food security but also a pathway to happiness. The initiative fosters self-reliance, the joy of growing one’s food, the assurance of fresh and safe produce, cost reduction, and the satisfaction of contributing to one’s sustenance.

In a call to action, Charatsri has invited the people of Phuket to actively participate in urban farming. She emphasised the potential for increased household income, safe crop production, and a stronger sense of community pride. This initiative aligns with broader efforts to create resilient and self-sufficient communities, prepared to tackle unforeseen challenges.

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