Mysterious dead body mistaken for a doll in Bangkok Canal

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The body of a woman was discovered floating in Bang Mot Canal today by a passerby who initially mistook the body for a doll before realising it was a dead person.

Bang Mot Police Station Police Lieutenant Thanakorn Thammaniramon received a report of the woman’s body floating in Bang Mot Canal, Thung Khru, Bangkok. Police quickly coordinated with forensic doctors from Siriraj Hospital and volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation to investigate the scene.

Upon arrival, police and volunteers found the body tied to the canal’s edge, secured by a concerned citizen. The deceased was a woman, estimated to be between 30 to 35 years old, floating face-up in the water. She was wearing a pink floral long-sleeved shirt and black plaid trousers, without shoes.

The woman had fair skin, and long hair, and was approximately 160 to 165 centimetres tall. It was estimated that she had been dead for at least three to four hours. No identification documents were found on her body, only a fruit knife, a room key, and 150 baht in her trouser pocket.

A 49 year old nurse, Kasem, retrieved the body. He explained that he and a colleague from a nearby restaurant initially thought the body was a doll.

At around 9am, Kasem removed his clothes and swam into the canal. Upon grabbing the hand, he realised it was a corpse and decided to tie the body to the canal’s edge near the health centre.

“I wasn’t afraid because I’m a medical professional. The sight of a body doesn’t scare me.”

The preliminary examination of the body revealed no visible injuries. The body was then transported to Siriraj Hospital’s forensic department for a thorough autopsy. Police urged anyone with missing relatives to contact Bang Mot Police Station or the forensic department at Siriraj Hospital, reported KhaoSod.

The incident underscores the importance of community vigilance and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. As police continue their investigation, they seek assistance from the public to provide any information that may help in identifying the mysterious body and shed light on the events that led to her tragic demise.

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