Myanmar gang caught providing illegal labour in Samut Prakan

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Police in Samut Prakan province swooped on a Myanmar human trafficking gang involved in illegally providing undocumented workers. Officers arrested two gang members and 13 other Myanmar nationals, who were found inside two taxis.

Security officers in Samut Prakan province recently arrested Mr Jo and Mr Bung, both from Myanmar, along with 13 other Myanmar nationals who were found in two taxis located inside Bang Pla Soi, Bang Phli District. The operation followed the discovery of a gang, consisting of Myanmar nationals acting as brokers to help undocumented workers find shelter and jobs in the country.

A woman named A and Mr Bung would arrange transport for foreigners at appointed locations within Bang Pla, Bang Phli District. Once there were enough people, the vehicles would be sent to various specified locations, with Mr Bung driving one of the cars. Ms A’s role was to arrange accommodation and collect fees from international workers, whilst Mr Jo helped transport people from Bang Pla Soi on a motorbike.

Myanmar trafficking
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On June 10, following an investigation, officers from the Samut Prakan Immigration Bureau determined the gang to be arranging transportation for work purposes. The officials monitored the location at Bang Pla Soi, where they found Mr Jo using a motorbike to transport individuals to a car driven by Mr Bung. Seven other foreigners were found inside the vehicle. They then spotted a taxi leaving Bang Pla Soi, which contained another six individuals appearing to be anxious.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that all detainees were Myanmar nationals without proper documentation. Mr Bung and Mr Jo confessed to their roles in transporting people to work, while Ms A was identified as their employer. Regarding the taxi, it was driven by Thai national Mr Chawit, who had known Mr Bung before and was paid 1,200 baht for his services.

Myanmar trafficking
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The authorities detained Mr Bung, Mr Jo, Mr Chawit, and the 14 Myanmar nationals on charges of “knowingly assisting illegal migrants with shelter, evasion, or other means of escape” and being “unauthorised foreigners living in the kingdom.” The case and evidence were sent to the Bang Phli Police Station. The authorities will also be tracking Ms A, who is believed to be in charge of the operation.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Shinawut, his commanders ordered the officer corps to conduct sweeps of foreign nationals in the kingdom who had overstayed their visas or entered the country illegally between June 7-21. Both Thai nationals and foreign nationals residing in the kingdom legally should be aware of the regulations regarding the employment of foreign workers in the area of Samut Prakan province. Businesses should comply with the legal process in hiring foreign workers, as continuous inspections and enforcement actions are being carried out. Employers found to be using illegal foreign workers will be held accountable and penalised in accordance with the law, reported KhaoSod Online.

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