Acid attack leaves Burmese mother and baby severely injured

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A brutal acid attack has left a 27 year old Burmese woman and her eight-month-old baby with severe injuries. The incident, which occurred on October 19, 2023, involved the woman’s ex-husband, who launched the attack while she was bathing her daughter.

The assailant, a Myanmar national like the victims, used a yellow plastic bottle to disperse the acid, causing grievous harm to the mother of one, named Geti.

The attack resulted in the mother suffering extensive injuries to her head, right side of her face, ear, neck, and body, while the infant was left blind with facial disfigurement. The victims were initially treated in Myanmar before being transferred to various hospitals for specialized care.

Geti’s recovery took three months, while her daughter’s treatments extended over five months. Following their ordeal, on March 9, Geti filed a complaint with the authorities in Sangkhla Buri, West Thailand hoping for legal action against the perpetrator.

However, the Thai police are currently unable to prosecute due to jurisdictional limitations, as the crime occurred outside of Thailand. The Office of the Attorney General in Thailand reviewed the case and confirmed that the incident took place entirely in Myanmar, with no part of the crime occurring within Thai borders. This legal hurdle highlights the complexities of cross-border crime and the challenges victims face in seeking justice.

The disclosure of these details was made today, April 29, by Police Major General Nakharin Sukontawit, the Provincial Police Commander of Kanchanaburi. The case sparked a conversation about the protection available to victims of such crimes and the limitations faced by law enforcement when crimes cross international lines.

Kanthatwat Pongphiboonwes, known as Kan Jomplang, a prominent figure, has stepped in to assist Geti and her daughter. He is preparing to facilitate a meeting between them and the Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the case and explore potential avenues for redress.

This tragic story has not only shed light on the brutality of acid attacks but also on the legal challenges and procedural intricacies that often prevent victims from getting the justice they deserve in cross-border crimes.

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