Muay Thai community grieves the loss of rising star Chalarmphet

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The Thai boxing community is in mourning following the untimely death of the famed fighter Chalarmphet Sornpichai, also known by his ring name, Shark Diamond. His passing on February 5, was confirmed by the Muay Thai Kiatpetch Facebook page, which posted an image of the boxer accompanied by a heartfelt message of condolence.

The boxing community has come together to express their sorrow and extend their sympathies to his family.

Chalarmphet, a boxer under the Kiatpetch gym, was a rising star in the sport, having competed in significant venues such as the Rajadamnern Stadium and was well-regarded in the Muay Samui event.

His career, which was flourishing, has been cut short, leaving fans and fellow athletes alike to reflect on the loss of a promising talent, reported KhaoSod.

A post by Mister Pong lamented the loss of the boxer.

“A star has been extinguished… Shark Diamond Chalarmphet… His beloved chosen profession was on a beautiful trajectory; from rural boxing rings to his first fight at Rajadamnern Stadium nearly two years ago. He was amassing experience but has left us far too soon.”

The Kiatpetch team conveyed their condolences and promised to update on the cause of his death in due course.

Muay Thai community grieves the loss of rising star Chalarmphet | News by Thaiger

Photo courtesy of KhaoSodRajadamnern Stadium, a dream venue for many Thai boxers, is one of the best places to watch Muay Thai in Thailand. It is the city’s oldest boxing stadium, having first opened in 1945.

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