Motorcycle taxi rider stabs rival rider after dispute over passenger

A 73 year old motorcycle taxi rider in the central province of Chachoengsao stabbed a rival taxi rider after the victim accused him of stealing a passenger.

Officers from Mueang Chachoengsao Police Station intervened in a confrontation between two motorcycle taxi riders outside the Metropolitan Waterworks Office on Junlanan Road in Chachoengsao province on February 5.

Officers witnessed the 43 year old taxi rider, Pornthep, who bore a cut wound on his left arm, arguing with another rider, 73 year old Sayunt. Officers contacted a rescue team to provide Sayant first aid before questioning both riders about the motive of the dispute.

Officers clarified to Channel 7 that Sayunt had dropped off his passenger at Buddha Sothorn Hospital and was departing when another customer, 29 year old Sakarn, asked Sayunt to take him to a bank on Maha Jakkaphat Road. Sayunt agreed and proceeded to escort his passenger out of the hospital.

As they reached the hospital’s entrance, Sayunt encountered Pornthep, who was awaiting passengers. Pornthep urged Sayunt to relinquish the customer, asserting himself as the designated taxi driver for the area. However, Sayunt disregarded his request and continued his journey.

Pornthep then trailed Sayunt until they reached the Metropolitan Waterworks Office, where he manoeuvred in front of Sayunt’s vehicle to force him to halt. Despite this, Sayunt maintained his stance, insisting on his right to serve the passenger, which further fuelled Pornthep’s frustration.

In response, Pornthep slapped Sayunt’s motorcycle helmet, prompting Sayunt to pull out a knife and stab Pornthep in the arm.

Pornthep claimed that he hit Sayunt in the head because he accused him of being an illegal motorcycle taxi rider. Pornthep said he serviced passengers at the hospital legally and remained at the shelter outside of the hospital for years, adding Sayunt had no right to steal his customers.

Pornthep went on to explain that the motorcycle taxi riders from other areas had manners and had never taken customers from him. He added that Sayunt lacked manners and accused him of being an illegal rider. He saw that people in the same industry should respect each other and avoid insulting each other.

Sayunt was taken back to Buddha Sothorn Hospital for further treatment. Police told reporters they would question both of them in more detail before deciding on any charges.

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