Monk’s coffin inscription matches winning lottery numbers

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A monk who has been sleeping in a coffin for 30 years finds himself at the centre of a local lottery coincidence, as the winning numbers match the ones written on his coffin.

The story revolves around Phra Kru Wikoram Wachirisan, the abbot of Ban Rai Mai Temple in Thepnakhon, in Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet province. He has been sleeping in a brown coffin since 1994 with the inscription indicating the Thai year 2537 (1994) and a note instructing that upon his death, his body should be cremated immediately without any ceremonial rites.

The note also warned that anyone who disobeyed these instructions would face dire consequences. The interior of the coffin is lined with monk’s robes to prevent splinters, and it contains simple bedding, including a thin yellow blanket. At the foot of the coffin, the words “Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha, Magga” (suffering, origin of suffering, cessation of suffering, path) are inscribed.

Phra Kru Wikoram explained that his decision to sleep in a coffin stemmed from an experience during a meditation retreat in Phichit province. The abbot of the temple there had passed away, and the villagers were reluctant to buy a coffin due to the lack of funds.

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This incident made him ponder what would happen if he died without the necessary means for a proper burial. Consequently, he decided to purchase a coffin for himself. He has been sleeping in it since 1992, using it as a tool for self-reflection and a reminder of the inescapable nature of death.

“It is not a story made up for content creation or any other purpose. It’s simply a way to remind myself that death is inevitable for everyone. Some people interpreted my sleeping in a coffin for 30 years as a sign of good fortune or lucky numbers such as 30 and 03. I see it as mere coincidence and advise against getting too attached or obsessed with such beliefs.”

The reason behind his choice to sleep in a coffin was further influenced by witnessing a monk from another province who passed away without a proper coffin. The monk’s relatives argued over who should purchase the coffin, prompting Phra Kru Wikoram to buy one immediately. Despite having only 5,000 baht, he negotiated a one-year payment plan for the 15,000 baht coffin.

Coffin rest

Since acquiring it, he has followed a nightly routine of chanting until 11pm before lying down in the coffin, unless he is away from the temple. This practice has become a habit over the last 30 years, and he clarified that it has nothing to do with any mystical beliefs. He also does not allow others to sleep in the coffin, as it is his sleeping place.

One of Phra Kru Wikoram’s disciples, 37 year old Srinam Kansat recounted her childhood memories of her great-grandmother frequently visiting the temple and telling her about the monk who slept in a coffin. Curious, she visited the temple to verify the story and found it to be true, reported KhaoSod.

“He has been sleeping in the coffin all these years. My faith in him encompasses all aspects of his teachings and actions. He has continuously worked to develop and renovate the temple. This time, I received a lucky number from the temple and won the lottery. I plan to donate to the temple as a gesture of gratitude.”

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