AI reporter KATIE joins Bangkok Biz’s newsroom

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In a move that cements its position as Thailand’s premier economic and business news channel, Krungthep Turakij, also known as Bangkok Biz News, introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) reporter named KATIE to its platforms. Following the lead of Nation TV, Post Today, and Thansettakij, this latest innovation marks a significant leap for the Nation Group media arm.

KATIE, an AI-generated female reporter, joined Bangkok Biz News’ panel of key opinion leaders. She will provide updates on the latest events in Thailand and around the world in the Bangkok Biz News Update programme, available daily on the channel’s website and via social media platforms.

Somchai Meesen, Vice Chairman of Nation Group remarked that 2024 is truly the year of AI.

“While AI has been developing for years, its practical applications have become evident only now. We believe that AI is not just a passing trend, but a technology that will permeate every dimension of life.

“Nation Group is committed to adapting to technological trends and innovations that enhance the news consumption experience. We aim to leverage these advancements to deliver more comprehensive, accessible, and verifiable news.”

Highlighting the channel’s forward-thinking approach, Somchai revealed that Bangkok Biz News’ website now features a news-reading service in Thai, Chinese, and English. This initiative reflects Nation Group’s vision of expanding news consumption beyond boundaries, enabling an international audience to stay informed about Thailand’s latest events directly.

Managing Director Wirayut Saengkrachang added that the news channel continuously strives to improve its platforms and embrace new technologies that enhance its news delivery capabilities, reported The Nation.

“We have closely monitored advancements in AI technology to integrate them into our operations. The launch of KATIE is a proud milestone for us. Although AI is not yet perfectly human-like, it shares the need for constant learning and development. We believe that as long as we keep pushing forward, we will continue to improve every day.”

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