Monks left waiting after fake invitations spark outrage in Chon Buri

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A Facebook user named Thamumjaree Sukset recently posted a message condemning an individual who had invited monks from two different temples to perform religious ceremonies but then failed to follow through, leaving the monks waiting in vain. The incident has sparked criticism and calls for accountability.

A reporter yesterday visited Wat Samnakbok in Chon Buri province to investigate the situation. The abbot, Phra Ajahn Paiboon Sumetho, presented a notebook detailing the scheduled invitation. According to the abbot, it is customary to note down such invitations, but when the time came, the invitee did not show up to pick up the monks.

Further attempts to contact the individual went unanswered. The abbot even sent a driver to the specified address, only to be informed by the security guard that no one in the area had arranged for a religious ceremony.

Following this, the abbot posted about the incident on Facebook. Another monk from Wat Na Khuan commented that their temple had experienced the same issue. This confirmed suspicions that the monks had been deliberately misled.

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The abbot expressed concerns, emphasising that such actions disrupt the monks’ schedules and the plans of other people who genuinely want to perform religious activities. He urged the public to consider the consequences of such behaviour, especially during the busy ordination season.

The reporter then visited Wat Na Khuan in the same province. Phra Boonsueb Orohitasilo, a monk at the temple, recounted a similar experience. A person claiming to be a lawyer arrived on a motorcycle to invite five monks to a house for a religious ceremony, reported KhaoSod.

However, when the agreed time came, no one showed up to escort the monks. As a result, the monks were unable to perform their duties and missed their meals. Phra Boonsueb appealed to the public not to deceive monks, highlighting the negative impact on their schedules and the broader religious community.

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