Snake charmer sparks lottery fever: Viral meditation moment prompts mystical number predictions in Thailand

Photo: KhaoSod

A viral photo of a woman calmly meditating as a golden-yellow snake slithers up her body sparked a flurry of lottery number predictions on social media. The fascinating image was posted on the Facebook group All About Thailand Snakes by Kanyarat Som-asa, sparking widespread interest and speculation about the snake species and the potential luck it may bring.

In the captivating image, the woman is seen deeply immersed in meditation, her eyes closed, hands clasped, radiating an aura of tranquillity. Unbeknownst to her, a slender golden-yellow snake is making its way up her body.

In one photo, the snake is seen latched onto her arm, while in another, it has slithered up to her shoulder, its body coiling near her ear and heading towards the back of her head.

The sight of the snake on the meditating woman has caused quite a stir among other group members, leading to shock and amusement. As the post made its way across the social media platform, it quickly went viral, garnering numerous likes, shares, and comments.

Many users attempted to identify the species of the bright yellow snake, with the majority suggesting it to be either a green vine snake or a sleeping beauty snake.

Responding to a comment praising the woman’s calmness, the post’s author acknowledged his conflicting emotions on seeing the pictures, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

“My body is calm but my heart is shaking.”

The incident likely occurred during a group meditation session in an open, natural setting, potentially causing small and large animals to wander through.

In addition to the guesses about the snake’s species, lottery enthusiasts flooded the comments, predicting potential lucky numbers based on the unusual encounter.

The belief that the snake’s appearance could bring good fortune led to a rush to analyse the woman’s age and other details to derive lucky numbers. The commonly suggested lottery numbers included 62, 74, and 94, reported KhaoSod.

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