Elderly women hope for lottery luck after blessings from Grandfather Srisuttho

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A doubling of luck has graced two elderly women who returned to seek fortune from Grandfather Srisuttho. After a winning streak in the last lottery round, they are hoping for a stroke of luck this time with both three-digit and two-digit numbers.

Yesterday, a visit to Wat Sridaram, located in the village of Kham Sida, Na Chum Saeng sub-district, Thung Fon district, Udon Thani province, revealed a bustling crowd. The day coincided with a public holiday, drawing tourists to admire the beauty of the Grandfather Srisuttho statue, which stretches along the Kham Sida pond.

The statue, lying between the Court of Grandfather Srisuttho and the Court of Karpriya, spans a length of 131 metres in all its beauty. Tourists passing by often stop to admire and seek good fortune as per their faith in Grandfather Srisuttho.

After paying respects to the statue, some tourists walk approximately 200 metres along the pond’s dike to a sacred spring. The spring, exuding clear, underground water year-round, is another popular spot for tourists. Once they’ve paid respects and sought blessings from the Grandfather Srisuttho, the tourists then proceed to seek fortune at the old court of Grandfather, a place of faith for the villagers, dating back to the times of their grandparents, reported Sanook.

Elderly women hope for lottery luck after blessings from Grandfather Srisuttho | News by Thaiger
The elderly woman expects lottery luck after seeking blessings from Grandfather Srisuttho. Photo by Sanook.

The court was abuzz with people seeking blessings and fortune today. Two elderly women, who had travelled from Udon Thani, specifically came to seek blessings and fortune from Grandfather. In their previous visit, they were fortunate to receive the number 46 in the lottery, which turned out to be the winning number.

Hoping for the same fortune, they returned a second time, seeking blessings from Grandfather. After paying respects, they drew their luck for the lottery on November 16. This time, they drew three-digit numbers 662,266 and two-digit numbers 65,56. They also received the numbers 836,638 for the incense sticks.

It’s worth noting that such beliefs are personal, and any prohibition is not applicable, especially as the lottery draw date approaches.

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