Massive turnout for sacred coin giveaway at Surin temple event

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Thousands gathered at a temple in Surin Province, eagerly awaiting the distribution of sacred coins and other charitable gifts by the revered monk Luang Pu Heng, known as the god of fortune in southern Isaan.

The event, also known as Wat Ban Dan Chong Jom, saw the distribution of 3,000 kilogrammes of rice and 200,000 baht in cash, drawing a massive crowd who also participated in a firework lottery for auspicious numbers.

Luang Pu Heng, the 96 year old abbot of Wat Phattanathammararam, presided over a consecration ceremony for the Charoen Phon 8 Rob Luang Phor Heng Pabhaso amulets, created by A Phuttasilp. The amulets, recognised for their authenticity by the PSGA Authentication Company and the ACI Certified Institute, are part of a fundraising effort to construct the world’s largest statue of Luang Pu Heng and to renovate the temple.

The event included a Brahmin ritual and the launching of fireworks, which revealed the numbers 317 and 56, sparking excitement among lottery enthusiasts eager to try their luck in the upcoming April 1 draw. The ceremony also featured a team of 15 renowned monks joining Luang Pu Heng in the blessing, with devotees from both Thailand and Cambodia, as well as other provinces in attendance.

A. Phuttasilp and his team meticulously organised the event, ensuring the sacred coins were distributed among the faithful. In addition to the coins, 2 kilogrammes of rice per person and 100 baht cash envelopes were given out, totalling 200,000 baht. The ceremony not only offered spiritual rewards but also supported the local community with generous donations.

Luang Pu Heng, born in August 1927 to Cambodian parents, has lived a life devoted to spiritual learning and service, reported KhaoSod.

His journey has taken him from a young novice studying ancient scripts to becoming a soldier and then a monk, eventually leading him to his current role as the abbot of Wat Phattanathammararam. Throughout his life, he has gained fame for his deep knowledge of sacred texts, his skill in consecrating amulets, and his unwavering dedication to Buddhism and charitable acts.

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