Manhunt for TikTok star’s ex after grim find in Thai temple pond

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Authorities launched a manhunt for the ex-partner of a TikTok star after her body was discovered in an abandoned pond at a well-known temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

The gruesome discovery was made yesterday, prompting an immediate police investigation into the murder of the 32 year old influencer, Thuzar Aung, known by her nickname, Sa.

Residents alerted the police after spotting the corpse in the disused water pit at the back of the market near Wat Thao Kot. The initial assumption by the police is that the body belongs to Sa, a Myanmar national who was reported missing on March 3.

Sa, known for her vibrant social media presence, had been living alone in Nakhon Si Thammarat for several months. The TikTok star worked at a local coffee shop and supplemented her income by selling fresh chicken and doing odd jobs at the Huai Brick market. She was remembered by those who knew her as cheerful and friendly, always with a bright disposition.

The operation to retrieve the body was arduous. Rescue workers struggled for more than two and a half hours to pull the bloated corpse from the 5-metre-deep water pit. The complexity of the task was exacerbated by the pit’s concrete partitions, requiring rescuers to break through the upper layer to create enough space for extraction.

Once the body was recovered, forensic experts and doctors meticulously collected evidence and conducted a thorough examination. Three stab wounds were found on the body, one on the throat and two on the chest. Meanwhile, police investigations revealed that Sa rented a room in Nakhon Si Thammarat and led a quiet life. The TikTok star owned two motorcycles, one of which, a purple Honda Summer X, was found at the scene.

CCTV evidence

CCTV footage revealed that on the day she disappeared, Sa returned home from her job at around 4.30pm to 5pm. Shortly after, she was seen leaving on her other bike, a pink big bike, wearing a red shirt and black jeans: clothes that matched those on the found body.

Further investigation led to the discovery that her ex-partner, 27 year old Pitthaya Bunyatsak aka Nai, had been spotted riding Sa’s big bike on March 4 around 8.30am to 10am. He was seen inquiring about the price of gold, which he allegedly carried 3 bahts in weight. Nai then hired a motorbike taxi to go to Soi Mitrsamphanth, where he abandoned Sa’s bike outside her relative’s house. He then took public transportation to Phuket.

Friends of Sa recall that Nai had recently asked her for a loan of 100,000 baht, which leads to suspicion of his involvement in her disappearance and death, reported Sanook.

The police are intensifying their efforts to apprehend Nai, who is believed to have fled to Phuket following the crime.

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