Man trampled by elephant while foraging in Nam Nao Park

Not the elephant in the incident. Image courtesy of The Call to Conserve.

A 61 year old man tragically lost his life after being trampled by an elephant while foraging for mushrooms in Nam Nao National Park. This incident marks the second fatal elephant attack in the area this year, with the animal believed to be a protective mother startled by the man’s presence.

Police investigator Pichet Thonglor, on duty at Nam Nao Police Station in Phetchabun Province, received a report yesterday about a fatal elephant attack on a local within the park’s forest.

The incident was attended by medical staff from Nam Nao Hospital and officials from the national park.

At the scene, located approximately 30 metres from Highway 12 in a bamboo forest, the body of 61 year old Sakorn was found with blood covering his face and bruises all over his body.

Multiple elephant footprints, each about 20 centimetres wide, were visible, along with fresh elephant dung and broken bamboo. A sack containing water bottles and mushrooms believed to belong to the deceased, was also discovered and collected as evidence.

Speaking about the incident, Nam Nao Police Station Chief Boonthueng Mueansaeng revealed that preliminary investigations indicated that Sakorn, along with other villagers, had ventured into Nam Nao National Park to search for mushrooms during the night, each person going their separate ways.

In the early morning hours, villagers reported hearing an elephant trumpeting near the incident site. At dawn, upon preparing to return home, they discovered Sakorn lying in a pool of blood, already dead.

According to park officials, the area is known to be inhabited by several elephant herds, including a protective mother elephant with her young calf. The elephant likely became startled and attacked Sakorn out of fear for her calf’s safety.

In April, another fatal elephant attack occurred in this same district, resulting in the death of a resident. Sakorn’s death marks the second such incident since April.

The Nam Nao National Park, a popular location for mushroom foraging, has now become a place of caution as the community mourns the loss of another life to these majestic but potentially dangerous creatures.

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