Man found dead in Greater Manchester home

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British police took to social media to reach out to the Thai family of a Manchester man found dead in his own home in Denton, Greater Manchester, in the United Kingdom.

The deceased, 48 year old Lee McDonough’s untimely demise has left authorities scrambling for answers as they seek to connect with his family, believed to be in Thailand.

Tameside police officers released a statement.

“Greater Manchester Police have confirmed the tragic passing of Lee McDonough at his residence on Harewood Walk earlier this week, prompting an urgent appeal for information.”

The force suspects that McDonough has relatives residing in Thailand, specifically in the province of Mukdahan, where his wife and daughter are believed to be currently situated.

As investigations unfold, authorities are earnestly seeking out McDonough’s nearest kin following the sombre events of Monday, reported Manchester Evening News.

“Should you possess any knowledge regarding McDonough’s connections or circumstances leading to his demise, we implore you to step forward.”

If you hold vital information that could aid in the inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Police Coroner’s Office at (+44) 0161 856 7764.

In related news, breaking news emerged regarding a man’s attempted suicide on a flight from Thailand to the United Kingdom on Friday, March 15. The aircraft was forced to undergo an emergency landing at a London airport after a passenger reportedly tried to take his own life in a cabin toilet.

The EVA Air BR67 flight from Bangkok to London had started its descent into the capital when flight attendants became aware that someone was occupying one of the cabin bathrooms. As passengers were required to vacate the bathroom and fasten their seatbelts for the descent, crew members went to investigate the occupant’s situation, leading to a distressing discovery.

In other news, Manchester Crown Court witnessed a case where a 27 year old man was exposed as a drug mule caught with a staggering 30 kilogrammes of cannabis at Manchester Airport.

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