Chiang Mai summer storm topples gateway arch, damages car

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The northern city of Chiang Mai witnessed the aftermath of a summer storm when a significant gateway arch collapsed at the intersection of Bo Sang traffic lights, causing damage to a red sedan and nearby structures.

In the wake of the incident, local officials and emergency services worked through the night to clear the debris and restore normalcy to the area. Additionally, the event sparked interest among lottery enthusiasts, who eagerly sought auspicious numbers from the scene for their next bet.

A summer storm accompanied by heavy rain brought down the large gateway arch located at the Bo Sang traffic lights, the entrance to the Bo Sang Kaeng Jorng village, in front of the Bo Sang Umbrella Handicraft Centre in Ban Bo Sang, Tambon Ton Pao, San Kamphaeng district, Chiang Mai.

The collapse caused extensive damage to a red sedan parked on the road and affected nearby construction materials, as well as resulting in significant damage to electrical lines.

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The local police force, including Chawat Chai Pongwivat, the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Commander, and Nattapol Janmano, the Chief of San Kamphaeng Police Station, were on site to oversee the removal of the arch.

The operation involved the use of a crane from the Highways District 2, municipal officials from Ton Pao town, the local rescue foundation, community leaders, and village heads. The police traffic division managed the flow of traffic, as the area is a busy community with frequent movement along the route.

The gateway had been successfully removed by 8.30pm yesterday, and the road surface was cleared of debris, with the local municipality tasked with further repair work, reported KhaoSod.

The unexpected collapse did not go unnoticed by lottery enthusiasts in the area, who quickly gathered to spot potential lucky numbers amidst the chaos. They were not disappointed, as many speculated on numbers for the upcoming lottery draw.

They derived these numbers from various sources, including the date of the event and the license plate of the damaged sedan, with particular attention to numbers like 22, 67, 96, and 679.

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