Thai man dies after hospital removes 12 teeth, family demands answers

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A heartbroken Thai daughter has revealed details of her 64 year old father’s tragic death following the removal of 12 teeth. The removal led to uncontrolled bleeding at Singburi Hospital, Khaosod reported.

At Wat Sadao Temple in Bang Rachan district of Singburi province, where the body of Som Sak Khum Khrong was taken for his funeral, representatives from the Singburi Hospital presented a wreath and expressed condolences to the deceased’s family, but declined to provide information until further notice.

According to Chanthana Khum Khrong, the daughter of the late man, treating liver disease was the reason for her father’s visit to the hospital. The treatment started on May 12, and he was admitted until May 15 when the hospital informed them about her father’s infection which required antibiotics.

Chanthana further revealed that on May 23, the hospital had advised the removal of 12 rotten teeth in two phases: first extracting seven teeth, and then five more. Despite her father’s poor health condition, Chanthana could not fathom why so many teeth had to be removed.

After his teeth were removed, her father continued to bleed incessantly throughout the night, and when approached, nurses only gave him gauze to bite. Som Sak badly choked on the gauze stuffed into his mouth, but nurses still advised him to stuff it back in, justifying their refusal to treat him with expensive medications for stopping the bleeding, according to Khaosod.

Chanthana disclosed that today, Singburi Hospital representatives offered her an application form to request compensation and instructed her to sign and submit the form to the Singburi Hospital, from which it will be transferred to Public Health, and even further onto the NHSO for compensation approval.

The hospital staff will lead the chanting sessions during the deceased’s funeral rites ceremony tonight, and all details regarding the incident are to be revealed by the Director of the Singburi Hospital in a later statement.

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