Authorities visit Pattaya Beach to clamp down on sex workers, trans women, and homeless

Photo by Khaosod.

Tourist Police in Chon Buri teamed up with Pattaya authorities in a visit to Pattaya Beach last night. The authorities aimed to clamp down on troublesome activities on the beach posed by sex workers, transgender women, homeless people and beggars. This was to ensure the safety of tourists.

The initiative was in line with the policies of the Deputy National Police Chief and Tourist Police Commander authorities, who have tasked the Tourist Police with dealing with any possible crimes against tourists and ensuring their safety.

Regarding this operation, Chon Buri authorities expressed their willingness to help and accommodate people in need, providing support until they can secure stable employment and become self-reliant.

The tourist police have urged the public to report any suspicious behaviour or trouble caused to tourists, encouraging people to contact them through the hotline at 1155.

Just yesterday, it was reported that a transgender suspect allegedly snatched cash and gold necklaces from a Russian couple in Pattaya earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Pattaya officials are continuing to grapple with the city’s issues with homelessness and beggars.

Last week, Pattaya authorities officially signed an MOU to collaborate with Laem Chabang Municipality officials on developing and implementing an effective welfare program targeting homeless individuals and beggars. The primary objectives of this collaborative effort are to ensure that these vulnerable people have access to essential healthcare services, improve their social dignity, and foster positive societal attitudes toward them.

To kick-start the process, research will be conducted to determine the precise homeless population in the Chon Buri region. The findings from this research will be used to create plans and initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for homeless people and beggars. By joining forces and pooling resources, Pattaya authorities and Laem Chabang Municipality officials are taking the next step towards addressing the pressing issue of homelessness.

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