Man murders drinking friend with concrete block after argument

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A tragic murder unfolded in Surin province when 67 year old man allegedly killed his 58 year old drinking companion by hitting him with a concrete block and then dragging his body with a motorcycle before dumping it in a canal.

The incident occurred at approximately 6.05pm yesterday. Police reported that the suspect Thip and the victim Wantong were drinking together when an argument escalated, leading to the fatal assault.

Thip reportedly used a concrete block to hit Wantong on the head, then tied a rope around his neck and dragged him with a motorcycle to a bridge between the villages of Ta Mao and Ta Piang, in the Ta Tum sub-district of Sangkha district, Surin province.

The body was dumped into the water under the bridge to conceal the crime.

Police apprehended Thip shortly after the incident, and he has since been charged with premeditated murder and concealing a body.

Today, reporters visited the victim’s home where a sombre atmosphere prevailed as family and friends prepared for Wantong’s funeral ceremonies tomorrow.

Funeral rites

Wantong’s only daughter, 21 year old Kamkaew along with relatives and monks, performed a ritual at the bridge where the body was found, calling for Wantong’s spirit to return home.

“The perpetrator acted with such cruelty. I will never forgive him. He hasn’t even come to ask for forgiveness from my father’s spirit. What did my father do to deserve such a cruel fate?

“I urge the police to impose the heaviest penalty possible. We believe my father was still alive when he was dragged, suffering greatly before dying in the water.”

A 74 year old homeowner Teuk, recounted that he was unaware of how frequently Thip and Wantong drank together. They rarely drank at his house but had gathered there yesterday afternoon.

Teuk was washing dishes when the incident occurred and returned to find the murder scene, with Wantong severely injured with blood covering his face. Shocked, he immediately rushed to inform the village head and the local authorities.

Upon his return, Wantong’s body was gone, later discovered under a bridge, approximately 200 metres from Teuk’s home.

Smooth investigation

Police Colonel Yuthana Jaturarat, head of Sangkha Police Station, revealed that the suspect was taken to reenact the crime scene earlier today, and the process proceeded smoothly.

The police are awaiting the autopsy results to confirm whether the victim was alive during the dragging or had already succumbed to the initial assault, reported Khaosod.

This gruesome event has left the local community in shock, as they mourn the loss of Wantong and grapple with the brutal nature of his death. The investigation continues as authorities seek to uncover the full details surrounding this tragic incident.

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