Thai ladyboy loses cash and phone after one-night stand

Photo via Amarin TV and Facebook/ อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6

A Thai ladyboy lost 2,000 baht in cash and a mobile phone after a one-night stand with a Thai man at a resort in Pattaya.

A friend of the transgender victim took to social media to seek help, posting a picture of the thief’s car and urging netizens to help identify the suspect.

“Please help. My friend went to a resort with a man. After having sex, he stole my friend’s black bag, containing a purse, credit cards, ID card, and cosmetics, before fleeing in his white Suzuki Swift.”

The victim, 19 year old A, later provided details of the incident during an interview with ThaiRath. She recounted in tears that the 21 year old thief named Mike contacted her via the LINE application. They then arranged a meeting on the first day of chatting.

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According to A, Mike picked her up from her condominium in his Suzuki Swift hatchback and headed to the resort. A was suspicious of Mike’s action when he convinced her to leave her mobile phone in his car, claiming he did not want her to spend time on her phone while they were together.

Mike paid 1,000 baht for the room and then took a shower. While waiting for Mike, A asked her friend to stand by, saying Mike displayed suspicious behaviour. After Mike finished showering, she went to shower, bringing all her belongings to the bathroom for safety.

After having sex, Mike asked her to clean up in the bathroom. She forgot all about his suspicious behaviour and left her belongings with Mike. While showering, A heard Mike leaving the room and his car engine. She rushed out of the bathroom to find that her bag was gone.

A said she attempted to chase after Mike but could not catch him in time. Her bag contained a mobile phone, a credit card, an ID card, a phone charger, and cash worth 2,000 baht.

A filed a complaint at Nong Prue Police Station and hoped officers would bring her justice, saying she was very disappointed and sad.

A similar theft involving a Thai transwoman was reported in November 2022. In this case, a Thai man murdered a Thai transwoman and stole her mobile phone, a designer brand necklace, and cash. His arrest was made after the dead body of the transwoman was discovered in a canal near Bangkok.

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