Love, money, and revenge: Thai wife’s fury leads to stabbing of husband’s mistress

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A Thai woman stabbed her unfaithful husband’s mistress after she discovered he spent all his money on her and could not even spare 20 baht money for their child. The scorned wife told police she is willing to go to jail rather than lose her dignity.

Police were alerted to the dispute in front of a convenience store in the Bang Bor district of Samut Prakarn province, just outside of Bangkok. While they were on the way, the victim made an urgent call to the police saying the dispute had already escalated to a stabbing and she was injured.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers found a 41 year old woman with a stab wound near her breast. The wound was severe and the mistress had lost a lot of blood. The 15-centimetre knife used in the crime was found on the floor. The police then sought assistance from a rescue team to transfer the woman to a nearby hospital.

The suspect, a 47 year old woman, stepped forward to claim responsibility for the attack. She admitted that her motives were driven by a sense of betrayal and desperation. She said she was the man’s legal wife, while the victim was a mistress.

The legal wife explained that she had been married to her husband for more than 10 years and they had a child together. Last year, she caught her husband having an affair with the victim. After their affair was exposed, they promised to break up and pay off their debts of 100,000 baht.

The wife had a change of heart, however, forgave her husband and opted to give their marriage another chance, only to discover later that her trust had been misplaced.

In the past five months, her husband has not returned home. She decided to stalk him and discovered that he was living with his mistress. All of the money he earned he gave to the mistress, his wife alleged. Her husband pawned their motorcycle and sold a gold necklace to cater to her demands.

The wife disclosed that the plight of their child made her angry. One day, the child asked for 20 baht but his father said he did not have it. The wife said she decided to contact the mistress in hopes of a resolution, only to be met with verbal aggression instead of reason.

On the incident day, the wife was determined to confront her husband and the mistress. She claimed that she bought a knife in an attempt to protect herself if anything occurred.

During the confrontation, the mistress’s aggressive response and attempted physical assault led the wife to momentarily lose control of her emotions, resulting in the stabbing.

The wife added that she initially banished a knife to threaten the mistress but decided to attack because the mistress called the police and filed a complaint as they argued. The mistress accused her of trying to kill her.

The wife said if she had to go to jail, she would go. She was willing to be jailed rather than lose her dignity.

The 47 year old man, at the centre of the drama, revealed in the interview with ThaiRath that he admitted to having a mistress. He said it was difficult for him to decide to end his relationship with both women. He had apologised to his wife and mistress previously and agreed to separate from them both. He did not expect the issue to lead to this incident.

The investigating officer has not yet reported the charges issued against the wife and the condition of the mistress has not been updated in the report.

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