Smelly situation: Car rear-ended by manure hauler leaves Chinese man in a mess

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A Chinese man had a particularly crappy day when his car was rear-ended by a vehicle transporting animal waste. The crash resulted in injuries and significant damage to his car. And yes, the manure was flung all over his car exactly like you would imagine it.

The unusual accident occurred in Xianyang City, Liaoning Province, a coastal province in northeast China. When pictures of the far filled with manure were posted online, the story quickly went viral, attracting widespread attention on social media.

While waiting at a traffic signal, the man’s car was abruptly hit from behind by a large lorry. The lorry was loaded with animal waste, which spilt all over his car, covering it entirely. The owner of the car lamented the freak accident.

“I’ve seen cars submerged in water while waiting for the traffic signal but never thought a lorry carrying large amounts of animal waste would rear-end me. The interior of my car was filled with faeces. The insurance company has not yet addressed the damage, and I am in the hospital.”

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The Chinese man was filled with manure after the crash, as dramatised and popularised in the 1985 film "Back to the Future."
The Chinese man’s car was filled with manure after the crash, as dramatised and popularised in the 1985 film “Back to the Future.”

The impact of the crash also caused significant damage to the vehicle, with its roof caved in and rear windows shattered. The driver sustained injuries from the accident and is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital. He complained of severe pain in his neck, shoulder, and head, reported KhaoSod.

Although the accident resulted in physical injuries and property damage, most commenters on social media couldn’t help but see the humour in the sh*t-show.

Some social media users consoled the driver with encouraging messages, somehow declaring the manure-dumping car crash should be perceived as a unique stroke of luck.

“Animal manure represents good luck. See how strong this fortune is.”

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