Laotian police arrest Thai man in 3.3 million baht theft

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Laotian police yesterday arrested a Thai man in the Khammouane province of Laos for conspiring with another thief to steal 3.3 million baht from a victim in the car park of a supermarket in Bangkok.

The two thieves stole 3.3 million baht in cash from the 44 year old victim, Yanai Taechathanabut, on July 3 after he had just withdrawn his money. The theft took place at the MaxValue supermarket car park on Pattanakarn Road in the Suan Luang district of Bangkok. The two were seen fleeing on a black Yamaha XMAX motorcycle.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Bureau successfully identified one of the thieves as 35 year old Nantaporn “Ball” Piantamdee, also known as Ball Pakwaeng, which means Ball Cleft Lip. He had been arrested multiple times previously for several serious offences.

Police reported yesterday, July 7, that Ball was arrested in the Khammouane province of Laos. Ball committed a theft at a gold shop in Laos on July 1 before escaping to Thailand and committing another theft at the supermarket on July 3.

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After the 3.3 million baht theft, Ball fled from Thailand to Laos to meet his wife. However, he could not hide for long as local police managed to arrest him. As Ball also committed a crime in Laos, he will be punished according to Lao laws before being transferred to Thailand.

Ball was wanted for two previous cases in November 2008 and December 2023. In the first case, Ball allegedly robbed two university students, who were a couple. After the robbery, he kidnapped the female student and raped her.

In the second case last year, Ball attacked a woman who was sleeping in her Toyota Alphard minivan. He drove her car to his place and sexually assaulted her before abandoning her on the roadside and escaping with her car. Ball escaped arrest in both cases until his recent theft led to his capture.

Aside from investigating the other thief involved in the case, officers will also conduct a further investigation into the source of the 3.3 million baht to determine whether it was obtained through legal or illegal activities.


ORIGINAL STORY: Bangkok man robbed of 3.3 million baht in supermarket car park

A Thai man yesterday was relieved of 3.3 million baht in cash by two armed robbers in the car park of a supermarket on Pattanakarn Road in the Suan Luang district of Bangkok.

The victim, 44 year old Yanai Taechatanabut, reported the theft to Prawet Police Station officers at about 3.30pm yesterday, July 3. Officers then rushed to the supermarket car park to investigate the case and found Yanai waiting in his car, a bronze Toyota Wish with the registration plate กข 9999 Angthong.

Yanai told police that he had withdrawn the cash and climbed into his car to go home. Two thieves approached, threatened him with a gun, and ordered him to remain still in the car. One of them grabbed a bag containing 3.3 million baht in cash and fled from the scene.

Following an initial police investigation, it was determined that the thieves fled the scene on a black Yamaha XMAX motorcycle. The rider was seen in CCTV footage wearing a black hoodie. The two reportedly headed towards the Pattanakarn area.

Officers are now reviewing security cameras near the supermarket and along the road used as an escape route by the thieves.

In related news, a Thai man was arrested in May for stabbing and attempting to rob a Thai woman in a car park at the Future Park Rangsit shopping mall in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The victim managed to escape from the suspect by sounding the horn of her Mercedes Benz to seek help.

In another related report, a Thai net idol ended up paying 20,000 baht in compensation to a female member of staff at a car park at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok after she attacked a staff member in anger when she was unable to find the exit.

The woman reportedly suffered from a mental illness, which caused her impulsive actions, according to her friend’s explanation. The friend added that she had also displayed similar behaviour towards friends and family members.

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