Thai net idol attacks car park staff at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Photo via Facebook/ หนังสื่อพิมพ์ เรื่องจริงผ่านเลนส์

Viral CCTV footage of a woman attacking a staff member at a Suvarnabhumi Airport car park turned out to be a Thai net idol. The violent woman, who reportedly has a mental health illness, surrendered herself to the police today and compensated the victim 20,000 baht.

The CCTV footage of the incident went viral on Thai social media yesterday. The female net idol, identified as 25 year old Tarathip, is seen in the video getting out of her sedan, walking directly toward a female staff member named Rawan at the counter and hitting her on the head.

Tarathip kept shouting at the victim and hitting her until the victim ran from the counter. Tarathip followed and continued to hit Rawan on the head before getting into her car.

Rawan later gave an interview with Channel 3 about the incident. She explained that it occurred yesterday at about 4pm on the fourth floor of the Suvarnabhumi Airport’s car parking building. Tarathip parked her car in front of the counter and asked her the way to the exit.

Rawan directed her and suggested she follow the exit sign but Tarathip did not appreciate her recommendation and swore at Rawan. Rawan recorded a video of Tarathip’s behaviour to keep as evidence.

According to Rawan, the video recording made Tarathip even angrier. She then got out of her sedan and attacked Rawan as featured in the video.

Rawan insisted that she spoke to Tarathip politely and provided the same service she would give other visitors. She had wounds and bruises from the attack and visited Latkrabang Hospital to get a health check before filing a complaint at Suvarnabhumi Police Station.

Taratip and her friends visited Suvarnabhumi Police Station at 11.30pm yesterday to acknowledge the charge and met with Rawan. Rawan was fined 2,000 baht for causing injuries to another person according to Section 295 of the Criminal Law. She apologised to Rawan and also paid compensation of 20,000 baht.

Taratip revealed to the police that the action happened due to a misunderstanding and her irritation after taking a long time to find a way out of the car park. At that time, she did not appreciate Rawan’s tone of voice and thought Rawan had insulted her.

A friend of Tarathip claimed that she had a history of mental health illness and received treatment before becoming well-known on social media. She recently returned to Thailand after studying abroad. The friend added that Tarathip always got angry at friends and family as well.

Thai net idol attacks car park staff at Suvarnabhumi Airport | News by Thaiger

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