Pair of soda swindlers arrested for home robbery and drug use

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Investigators from Sutthisan Police Station yesterday apprehended two men accused of a home robbery to steal soft drinks and lemons, which they then sold at low prices, claiming they were clearance items.

The superintendent of Sutthisan Police Station, Police Colonel Porntep Chaloemkiat, directed an investigative team for the arrest of 27 year old Pawarut, and Thotsapon, also 27 years old. Police seized evidence including 22 packs of 330ml soft drinks, ten bottles, one sack of lemons, and four methamphetamine pills.

Pawarut was apprehended at his residence, while Thotsapon was caught in a parking lot in the Bang Kapi area of Bangkok. Earlier in the morning, a victim had reported a home robbery at their residence in Ratchadaphisek.

The thieves had broken in to steal 40 packs of soft drinks, a sack of lemons, and a box of tissue paper. The police investigation led them to identify Pawarut and Thotsapon, who were residing in Bang Kapi. Surveillance was conducted before moving in to arrest them.

During interrogation, Pawarut confessed that he and Thotsapon had stolen the items and hired a delivery company’s vehicle to transport the stolen goods. They then used a pickup truck to peddle the stolen items to various shops, claiming they were clearance stock sold at reduced prices. They admitted to having done this two or three times before being caught by the police.

Initially, the police charged both individuals with theft and drug use. Thotsapon also faced an additional charge of methamphetamine possession. They were handed over to the investigators at Sutthisan Police Station for further legal proceedings.

The investigation revealed that the suspects had a pattern of committing these thefts and selling the goods quickly to avoid detection. The capture of Pawarut and Thotsapon was a result of meticulous police work and the cooperation of the community in providing timely information, reported KhaoSod.

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