Cyber police raid in Songkhla uncovers illegal firearms stash

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Cyber police raided a house in Songkhla’s Chana district and arrested a man for possessing numerous illegal firearms, including a machine gun and a shotgun, some of which he claimed belonged to his sister.

Today, July 8, the Commissioner of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), Worawat Watnakornbancha, directed a team to execute a search warrant issued by the Songkhla Provincial Court on July 6. The officers searched a residence in Chana district, Songkhla province, where they apprehended 33 year old Arun and seized multiple firearms.

Among the confiscated items were an AK47 assault rifle without a registration number, a Thompson M3 submachine gun using 11mm ammunition, a semi-automatic pistol with removed registration numbers, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, and a custom-made Thai shotgun using 12-gauge shells.

Additionally, police found 500 rounds of ammunition, six magazines, and two fake firearm licenses.

The investigation began when officers from the CCIB monitored online activities and gathered evidence suggesting that Arun possessed illegal firearms and ammunition, which he had hidden in his home. With sufficient evidence, they obtained a search warrant for the premises.

Upon arrival at the residence, officers found Arun inside and presented the search warrant. Their search revealed the firearms and ammunition stored in the bedroom and a storage room.

During questioning, Arun claimed that some of the firearms, including a registered one, belonged to his sister. He also asserted that the 11mm Colt pistol was his, with a valid license.

However, Arun’s statements began to unravel when the police questioned the authenticity of the firearm licenses he presented. Initially, he confidently stated that the licenses were genuine and had been properly obtained from the registrar.

When police showed him evidence proving otherwise, Arun admitted that the licenses were fake, purchased for 8,000 baht. He confessed to using the fake licenses to gain access to shooting ranges and revealed that all other firearms were acquired illegally and kept for his collection. He admitted that he had never received official permission to possess or use any of the firearms or ammunition.

Arun was charged with several offences, including possessing firearms and ammunition used in warfare without a license, possessing firearms and ammunition without permission, forging government documents, and using fake government documents.

Arun and the seized items were transferred to Khuan Mit Police Station in Songkhla province for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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