Ghost hunt in Lopburi village creates chaos as million baht reward retracted

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News of a ghostly “Krasue” haunting a village in Ban Berk, Tha Wung district, Lopburi province, has caused widespread fear among locals.

A subsequent offer of a million baht reward for capturing the Krasue, a nocturnal female spirit of Southeast Asian folklore, by a resort owner in Saraburi province has escalated the hunt for the spectre.

However, it is reported that the reward has now been withdrawn due to concerns about the disruption caused by the ghost hunt, although a smaller reward of 10,000 baht remains for clear photographic evidence.

The story unfolded as a TikTok user, known as Hiabeer, announced that the bounty on the Krasue had increased. This led to a surge of interest from the public who descended on the village hoping to capture the Krasue and claim the reward.

A 35 year old resident, Tinkorn Noree, admitted his belief in the Krasue was mixed, 70% belief and 30% scepticism. Despite this, he announced his intention to join the ghost hunt as he was enticed by the 1 million baht reward.

As the news spread, locals reported a significant increase in people entering the village, causing distress and disruption, particularly from noisy teenagers on motorcycles during the night.

Resort owner reward

Eventually, the resort owner who had originally posted the reward, 32 year old Wutichai Paepan confirmed that he had cancelled the bounty.

Wutichai explained that a local official had called him to express concern about the disturbances caused by the bounty hunters. He lamented that his original post had been shared widely, leading to unintended consequences.

Wutichai Paepan, who was born and raised in Photru, Lopburi city, recalled hearing stories about the Krasue since he was six years old but had never seen one. He expressed his scepticism about the existence of the Krasue.

“What we can’t see, we can’t believe.”

He also pointed out that with the prevalence of CCTV cameras today, there should be some clear footage of the Krasue if it genuinely exists, reported KhaoSod.

Finally, he challenged the public to provide a clear video clip of the Krasue, offering a 10,000 baht reward. However, he stipulates that anyone who fails to deliver must pay him a deposit of a thousand baht, joking that if a hundred thousand people took up his challenge, he would undoubtedly become rich.

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