Lampang motorcycle accident kills teen, injures passenger

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A tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of an 18 year old woman and left a 16 year old passenger injured in the heart of Lampang City. The incident occurred yesterday at 2.50am, today, May 10, on Phaholyothin Road in Tambon Chomphu, Amphoe Mueang Lampang.

Emergency services were alerted to the scene where they found a black scooter lying next to the footpath. The rider, Kesorn was discovered deceased with blood emanating from her head. The passenger, Akkarawin suffered scrapes and bruises on his body and was later transported to Lampang Hospital for treatment.

Police, along with forensic experts from Lampang Hospital and the Sawang Nakorn Lampang rescue team, responded swiftly to the emergency call. Upon their arrival, they commenced a thorough examination of the scene, taking photographs and gathering evidence.

The initial investigation suggested that the motorcycle veered off the road, collided with the curb of the footpath, and subsequently crashed into a large tree, leading to the tragic outcome.

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The authorities are now working diligently to determine the cause of the crash. They are examining the skid marks and debris field to piece together the events that led to this fatal accident. The analysis will include evaluating the motorcycle’s speed, the road conditions, and any other factors that might have contributed to the severity of the incident, reported Khaosod.

This heartbreaking event has once again highlighted the importance of road safety measures, especially in urban areas where traffic density and road hazards can increase the risk of accidents. While the police continue their investigation, this tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the imperative need for caution when travelling on the roads.

As Lampang City faces this sorrowful occurrence, the local administration is likely to reassess road safety protocols and consider measures that could prevent such accidents in the future. Efforts may include increasing visibility on the roads, implementing stricter traffic regulations, and promoting awareness campaigns to educate the public on the importance of safe driving practices.

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