Godzilla the macaque succumbs to weight-related illnesses (video)

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Godzilla, the once-overweight macaque sensation, captured hearts worldwide as his plight against obesity unfolded. But despite efforts to save him, the beloved primate tragically met his demise, leaving a community in mourning.

Godzilla, the crab-eating macaque, met his untimely end at the Crystal Pet Hospital in Bangkok on Monday, May 6, succumbing to a plethora of weight-related ailments. At just six years old, the morbidly obese primate faced a harrowing battle against thyroid disease, diabetes, and Cushing’s syndrome, exacerbated by a diet laden with chocolates and other unhealthy treats.

Hospital director, Dr Supasek Sarachitti, lamented the loss, revealing the grim reality of Godzilla’s health struggles. He recounted the monkey’s numerous afflictions that led to his premature death.

“Let’s send Godzilla to heaven.”

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Despite valiant efforts by caregivers, including strict dietary interventions, the odds were stacked against the beloved primate.

Following his passing, Godzilla’s ashes were returned to his previous caretaker, Manop Emsan, who had tirelessly cared for him since his rescue three years prior. However, controversy surrounded Godzilla’s upbringing, with wildlife officials accusing his former family of inadvertently contributing to his demise by indulging his unhealthy cravings, reported Daily Star UK.

Despite the tragic end to Godzilla’s story, his legacy serves as a poignant reminder of the perils of excess and the importance of responsible animal care.

In related news, the second phase of relocating macaques from Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park to the Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Centre was initiated on April 28 by the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) in Phetchaburi.

The initiative, which involves the placement of cages at 12 locations within the park, commonly known as Khao Wang, aims to capture 205 macaques.

In other news, the Thai authorities apprehended a wildlife trafficker in a sting operation on April 9, seizing two protected macaque monkeys confined in fertiliser bags. The suspect was caught red-handed in Narathiwat province while attempting to sell the animals, which he admitted to capturing and training for obedience and tasks.

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