Karmic curiosity: Korat’s Non Sa-at Forest Temple unveils captivating Hell Tour

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Located in Korat, the notable Non Sa-at Forest Temple, also known as Karma Base Forest Temple, launched an intriguing Hell Tour. The initiative aims to educate visitors about the concept of karma and encourage them to fear wrongdoings, prompting a shift towards good deeds.

Situated in the Chok Chai district of Nakhon Ratchasima, the temple serves as a care centre for terminally ill patients who are impoverished, elderly, and monks suffering from severe illnesses. The facility provides a sanctuary for those afflicted with incurable diseases, offering care and mental support towards the end of their lives.

The temple’s grounds are as breathtaking as they are educational. The cremation pavilion is painted to resemble a cloud, giving villagers the impression of ascending to heaven. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the temple narrates the life cycle of birth, ageing, sickness, and death, along with the teachings of Buddha. This allows patients to understand the laws of nature, instilling peace in their hearts.

Another unique feature the temple offers is the poster of the Hell Tour, aiming to educate about karma. This section of the temple is designed to invoke fear and encourage good deeds. It portrays the life of those who have committed significant wrongdoings, depicting their rebirth as animals and demons as a punishment for their actions. The stories are told through a poster of an old movie, a rare sight in today’s world.

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This hand-drawn poster was printed on vinyl sheets and displayed in various locations to promote the film. This hell tour approach simplifies the understanding of various stories for those who have the opportunity to view these images.

Punthanachai Muangprakai, a 60 year old teacher known as Teacher Punn, explained that the construction of this learning resource about the Hell Realm and various karma stories at the temple is different from others. It tells stories in the form of movie programs or movie posters, an idea conceived by the temple’s abbot.

The unique hell tour approach is believed to differentiate it from others and attract visitors, making it easier for them to learn and understand various topics. Particularly for children and young people, they can learn on their own.

In the future, the temple plans to add more lighting and sound effects to make the area more intriguing. The temple’s innovative approach to teaching the concept of karma through a Hell Tour, combined with the unique presentation of movie posters, serves as a creative and engaging method of imparting essential Buddhist teachings, reported KhaoSod.

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