Car wash scam exposed: TikTok user reveals mechanics stealing parts in viral video in Khon Kaen

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A TikTok user’s video showing car wash technicians allegedly stealing car parts has caused an uproar. The clip was accompanied by a warning caption that read…

“Took my car to get washed and got my catalytic converter stolen. Saw it with my own eyes, four to five mechanics were working on it enthusiastically. Ended up at the police station.”

The car wash scam led to a flurry of online queries asking for the location of the car wash to avoid using its services.

The incident reportedly took place around 11am today. The video was filmed by a 44 year old car paint repair shop owner from Phra Yuen, Khon Kaen. Supachai recounted the event to the press, explaining that he had just finished painting a customer’s car and decided to take it for a wash.

Usually, he would go to a car wash in Khon Kaen town but instead, he stopped at a car wash on his way there. He had two cars with him, both brought by his girlfriends. They parked their cars and told the car wash staff that they would return later as they had errands to run in town. However, they forgot something and returned earlier than planned. To their shock, they found almost ten people surrounding the car, some underneath it and others working on removing the exhaust pipe.

“When I asked them what they were doing, the car wash owner said they were fixing something,” Supachai explained. “I told them I just brought the car for a wash, what are you fixing?”

At this point, Supachai noticed his car being disassembled. Despite the car wash owner’s denial of any wrongdoing, Supachai recorded a live video on Line app, both scared and shaking, but trying to maintain his composure. He also asked his social media contacts to notify the police.

By the time he was recording, the mechanics had already removed some car parts and replaced them with others. His car parts were worth over 40,000 baht. He reported the incident to Ban Ped Police Station in Khon Kaen.

Following the car wash scam incident, they reached an agreement and the car wash accepted full responsibility for the incident, compensating him with more than 100,000 baht reported Sanook.

Supachai advised other car owners to carefully inspect the car washes where they intend to take their cars and to check their car’s condition before entering the area. He emphasised that not all car washes operate in this manner and urged car owners to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to such incidences.

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