Jealous taxi driver stabs colleague for alleged affair with his wife

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A jealous Thai taxi driver suspected his colleague of having an affair with his wife so stabbed him on a road in Samut Prakarn province near Bangkok. The victim, who is in hospital recovering from his injuries, denied the accusation.

Phra Samut Chedi Police Station officers were yesterday notified about the stabbing, which took place on the road in front of a Buddhist alms shop. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered the victim, 45 year old Theeraporn, lying on the road with stab wounds near his left ribcage and to his left hand.

About 50 metres from the scene officers found a bottle of alcohol and blood stains on the road. The attacker, 36 year old Samprasit, was not present at the scene.

Nattaphat, a kratom seller, witnessed the altercation. The 25 year old informed the police that Theeraporn and Samprasit walked together along the road before they stopped and engaged in an argument over the alleged secret affair. The attacker, Samprasit, then went to a grocery shop and returned to Theeraporn with a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

According to Nattaphat, the two continued their argument for 15 minutes. Suddenly, Samprasit hit Theeraporn with a wooden stick. Theeraporn attempted to fight back, but Samprasit brandished a knife and repeatedly stabbed his friend before fleeing the scene.

Theeraporn revealed to the police that he and Samprasit were once friends. On the incident day, Sampasit waited for him at the taxi office and invited him to drink alcohol. While walking to the grocery shop, Samprasit questioned whether he had an affair with his wife or not.

Theeraporn denied he had any such affair.

The police officers managed to arrest Samprasit yesterday, June 19. Samprasit insisted that Threeraporn had an affair with his wife. He explained that he trusted Threeraporn and invited him to meet with his wife at his home.

After that, he accused Theeraporn of secretly visiting his wife and engaging in intimate relations with her at home when he was working. His wife and four year old daughter left him a month ago and he does not know where they are. He believes they are living with Theeraporn.

Samprasit said he quit his job to search for them with no luck. He asked Theeraporn about his wife and daughter but he refused to answer, which made Samprasit angry. He claimed that he did not mean to kill Theeraporn, but he was angry and wanted his family back.

Samprasit told the media…

“I admit to my fault, but I will never apologise to Theeraporn. He must apologise for betraying our friendship. I would like to tell my wife that I still love her and forgive her for everything she has done. I want to restart our relationship. I will forget everything in the past. I have to go to jail. I understand if she will not wait for me. I only want her to take the best care of our child and not let her inherit the flaws of her father.”

Samprasit is expected to be charged with attempted murder, which is punishable by a maximum of 15 years. If he pleads guilty, the punishment will be two-thirds of the maximum sentence, which is approximately 10 years.

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