Indian man arrested for murder of Thai girlfriend at hotel in Bangkok

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Police arrested an Indian man in the central province of Kanchanaburi for the murder of his Thai girlfriend at a hotel in Bangkok. The woman’s dead body was found in a hotel room on April 16 with 31 stab wounds across her body.

The death of the 51 year old Thai woman, Sukanya, was reported to Talat Phlu Police Station on April 16. Her dead body was in room number 210 of a hotel in the Talat Phlu neighbourhood in the Thon Buri district of Bangkok.

According to the police report, Sukanya was lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor. She had 31 stab wounds with police predicting that she died an hour before her discovery. The murder weapon, a 30-centimetre knife, was found near her body.

Sukanya’s belongings remained undisturbed. One of her mobile phones had run out of battery, while another displayed numerous missed calls from a loan shark. Bloodstains adorned the room, staining the floor, walls, and even the bathroom.

The hotel staff disclosed to the police that Sukanya had checked into the hotel on April 7, accompanied by her Indian boyfriend. On April 16, the hotel staff witnessed her boyfriend departing in the afternoon on a blue-grey Honda Wave motorcycle.

The staff also reported hearing an argument between Sukanya and the Indian man earlier that day. When they attempted to contact Sukanya regarding the noise, the Indian man answered the phone but refused to speak to them and hung up.

Murderer flees

The hotel staff presumed that the couple had resolved their dispute as the commotion had ceased. However, they saw the Indian man leaving the hotel unaccompanied in the afternoon. Sukanya, who typically departed in the evening, did not emerge from the premises as usual. Concerned, the staff investigated and tragically found her lifeless body.

Police identified the Indian man as 32 year old Rajman Yabav and managed to arrest him six hours after the murder. Yabav attempted to flee Thailand but was intercepted at the border between Thailand and Myanmar in Kanchanaburi province.

Yabav admitted to the murder, citing personal conflict with Sukanya as the motive. The details of their conflict have not yet been revealed.

Yabav was charged with intentional murder which will result in the death penalty, life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years according to Section 288 of the Criminal Law.

Police added that Yabav was deported once on March 27 this year but sneaked into Thailand across the border in Kanchnaburi province. He had a secret relationship with Sukanya, and they would meet at the hotel.

Sukanya reportedly lied to her daughter and husband that she was visiting her sick grandmother at her home in Bangkok’s Jomthong district but was meeting with Yabav.

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