Brawl of hearts: In love and war, Indian men clash for Thai maiden in Pattaya

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British writer John Lyly once wrote “All is fair in love and war,” but try saying that to two groups of Indian men who brawled in the street in a bid to win the heart of a fair Thai maiden on Southern Pattaya Road last night.

According to an eyewitness who shared the account with Channel 3, a heated altercation erupted between the two Indian factions along the roadside. The witness courageously intervened, urging the groups to cease their conflict. However, one of the Indian men misinterpreted 41 year old Amporn’s intervention as an affront, escalating matters by attempting to wield a broken glass bottle as a weapon.

Ampon managed to avoid being stabbed but the Indian thug tore his shirt with the broken bottle. He realised that the fight was beyond his control so decided to report the issue to Mueang Pattaya Police Station and with Sawang Borriboon Rescue Team.

The Indian men fled when the rescue team arrived at the scene. A 52 year old Indian man named Ranbir Singh Kahlom remained at the spot, sporting a severe wound near his right eye and a broken right arm. Rescuers provided first aid before rushing Kahlom to hospital.

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Mueang Pattaya Police officers later summoned both groups of Indian men for questioning. A 28 year old Indian man named Mohak Goyal claimed that Kahlom and his friends started the fight, adding he did not mean to hurt anyone and was only protecting himself.

Goyal said it was lucky to escape the fight scene given Kahlom bought a lot of his friends to the fight. He added that he plans to file a police complaint, though his immediate summons to the questioning forestalled this action.

A group of Thai women visited the police station claiming they were friends of Kahlom. They explained that Kahlom’s girlfriend was one of their group members. On the incident day, Kahlom accompanied them to a nightclub. When they were leaving the nightclub, they met Goyal’s group of friends outside the club.

One of Goyal’s friends expressed an interest in Kahlom’s Thai girlfriend but the woman told them that she already had a boyfriend. However, Goyal’s friend persisted, leading to a heated argument. The Thai woman insisted that they leave the scene but Goyal’s group followed and physically assaulted Kahlom.

Investigating officers have not concluded the case as both groups are claiming to be victims of an assault. An officer added that he would question the injured Kahlom after he recovers.

This is not the first brawl between groups of Indian men in Pattaya. A similar incident was reported in June when a group of Indian bar workers fought with a group of Indian tourists in front of Kamaa Club on the Walking Street Pattaya. No one filed a complaint to the police and no report of serious injuries.

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