Hopping hunt: Chiang Mai Zoo scrambles to find runaway kangaroo

Photo via MGR Online and Facebook/ Tun Chanachai

Chiang Mai Zoo staff members are on a mission to locate a runaway kangaroo that was last seen this morning hopping along the main road leading to the popular tourist attraction, Doi Suthep.

The incident came to light when a Thai man, Tun Chanachai, shared a video of the escapee on Facebook around 8.20am today, May 29 with a caption read, “On an escape?” In the video, Chanachai was seen riding his motorcycle along the road to Doi Suthep with the kangaroo bounding in front of him.

The animal eventually turned down a smaller road near the Chiang Mai Earthquake Monitoring Station. Chanachai explained to his followers that he did not pursue the kangaroo as he was rushing to work.

The video quickly garnered attention on social media, with many Thai netizens expressing concern for the animal’s safety. Some worried that the kangaroo might be attacked by stray dogs in the area.

Chiang Mai Zoo confirmed the incident with news agencies, stating that the kangaroo escaped around 7.50am today. The zoo assured the public that staff and veterinary teams are actively searching for the animal. However, the details of how the escape occurred remain unclear.

This incident brought back memories of an emergency kangaroo escape drill held at the zoo five years ago. During the drill, a staff member donned a yellow kangaroo costume complete with red boxing gloves, demonstrating the animal’s fighting prowess.

Netizens praised the staff member’s acting skills as he convincingly portrayed a runaway kangaroo, evading capture and resisting recapture.

While the drill provided staff with the necessary knowledge of the emergency to the staff and also entertained visitors who witnessed it, some netizens expressed concerns that the drill may not have adequately prepared staff for the current real-life scenario of a kangaroo on the loose.

As the search for the missing kangaroo continues, Chiang Mai Zoo remains committed to its safe return. The zoo is urging anyone who spots the animal to contact them immediately.

A similar incident was reported in September 2021 when an ostrich escaped from a farm in Chon Buri and caused a traffic jam on Suk Prayun Road. It took the rescue team more than two hours to catch the animal and take it back to the farm in a pickup.

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